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HALAL consulting  & Solutions
for Your Industry

We Provide

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Halal Consulting and Solutions 

If your company wants to get in the halal market but does not know how to start. We will assist your team step by step how to successfully do business in the halal niche market. Our team will develop a strategic plan as per your requirements. We have helped few companies establish halal brands. 

If you want to export halal meat to other countries and don't know where to start, we will assist you throughout the export prcoess.



We have over 25 years of trade and marketing experience in USA poultry market. We work with some of the key players of poultry industry. We know the export business inside out. Our experts will help you market your brand in a unique Halal way.

Fresh Red Meat

From farm lands to auctions and from auction to slaughterhouses and from slaughterhouses to distribution and retailers and from retailers to a family's table we know the entire market segments and its individual marketing needs. Our experts will get your business get halal certified. 

Frozen Food

From processing, labeling, distribution and retail of a frozen food we know how to get each step halal recognized via Shariah Council of America

Marketing and Social media 

Faith based marketing is a recent marketing concept and its a global growing concept. We are expert in Halal marketing, branding and positioning your products. We akso offer social media marketing, website development and advertising budgeting services. 

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